My New Favorite Hairstyle is My Old Favorite Hairstyle

Yes, I’m talking about braided pigtails. The quintessential summer camp ‘do has recently been back in my hairstyle rotation because they’re so easy and because my momma thinks they’re cute. She’s in good company — FKA Twigs, Alexa Chung, and instagram-favorite Tessa Barton sport the look too. I challenge you to name three cooler chicks (actually please do in the comments because I want to know all the cool chicks).

No need to fuss with the fancy braids you could never master in high school. Lauren Conrad set the bar too high, am I right? Two traditional braids and two hair elastics are all you need to master this sweet, no-fuss look. I’m pairing mine with my trusted bandanna all weekend at Hinterland, but scroll through for some of my other favorite ways to style them.

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Just My Type

Happy Friday! If I’m being dead honest, I have a tendency to squander away my weekends on a Netflix binge. They’re good for the soul (don’t fight me on that), but I’m trying to make better use of those two precious days off. So I’m trying to ward off the temptation to couch-it-up all weekend with a heavy dose of inspiration before happy hour even strikes.

Here’s the first of what I imagine will be many, many design dumps. There’s no rhyme or reason to these typography picks except that they’re all dope and inspiring me lately.

type 1type 2type 3type 4

type 7

type 10type 11

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A Case for Balloons

I think we’ve probably all had a birthday party with a sad bunch of purple balloons. Or maybe you were even lucky enough to score a metallic mylar butterfly then you kept it until its wings went limp and it was graceful no more. Familiar?

Balloons were a staple of childhood parties, and I’m here to remind you that they’ve grown up. They’re bigger, grander, and pretty enough to fit in at a formal wedding. Balloons deserve another chance, and your parties deserve balloons. I for one can’t wait until my next birthday so I can fill my apartment with them. You can bet I’ll leave them up until they give out and fall to the floor.

gatsby-5orange-gray-balloon-garlandrock and roll bridetropical-balloon-garland-arch1f58c1d46772f6467fbaba3af94b808510a1843dd9575dba187eff095ef9828ca4ed9300f1db2c0356332f5135e49300geronimo

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Four Takeaways From Paris Couture Week

Couture week is the pinnacle of all fashion events. And I love it. The one-of-kind, handmade pieces are the results of thousands of hours of hard work, and it shows. So much credit is due to the masterful ateliers who craft these collections. I mean, Karl Lagerfeld didn’t send two shows down runways by himself.

Unlike ready-to-wear collections, these collections offer designers the chance to invest time and money into luxurious looks I’ll never ever have the chance to wear. So I admire it all from afar. Indulge me right now and pour over my findings.

boots big

These boots are made for strutting

Guys. Statement boots aren’t going anywhere. If you haven’t yet invested in a pair — or three — you still have time and so. many. options. In the coming seasons we’ll be pairing metallic, star spangled, blue velvet, and floral embroidered booties with everything and I’m totally here for it.

Proenza Schuler

We’ll all be seeing (and wearing) red

Red is one color conspicuously absent from my wardrobe, but designers have never been shy about sending it down the runway (looking at you, Valentino). Maybe it’s the color’s association with luxury and glamour that makes it feel over-the-top for everyday, but if the couture shows are any indication, we’re all about to make rich reds a wardrobe staple. And not just at Christmas.

Proenza Schuler_2

The theme of the week was Ready-to-Wear?

More than one fashion label opted to show RTW or Resort collections in a week traditionally set aside for haute couture. The move might just be a strategic one to put collections in front of buyers earlier, but even couture collections were remarkably pret-a-porter by most standards. Classic silhouettes, muted and monochromatic color palettes, and playful street wear were in abundance.

Zuhair Murad

Femininity reigns supreme

This isn’t a surprise. Couture week is after all a confluence of the finest techniques and most laborious handy work, which more often than not bring to life sweet appliques, diaphanous gowns, and lust-worthy laces. The sum of these evokes an enchanting feminine quality. This couture week did not let us down —  Elie Saab, Fendi, Zuhair Murad, Rodarte, and Giambattista Valli all sent frothy, ornamental collections down runways that played like a dream sequence. 

But other labels packed girl-power-punch in less ostensible ways. Dior’s show could just as easily have played out in 1940s Paris with looks that nodded to female icons like Amelia Earhart. For Proenza Schuler’s European debut, the New York design duo recruited French ateliers to add couture details to the ready-to-wear collection. Described as a “commitment to beauty,” the show breathed modern life into conventionally feminine details — nipped-in waistlines, lace, florals, and ruffles.

Bonus: Kendall Jenner is a still a queen

Kendall Jenner

Mood Board No. 1

If you’re already tired of millennial pink, we can’t be friends. I read recently that the rosy hue is already on its way out, but I for one hope that’s not the case. Maybe it’s nostalgia for my first cellphone, a baby pink RAZR, or for the tiny walk-in closet I painted an electric shade of coral when I was 14.

Hear me out. There’s still a case to be made for pink: what other color can be all things? Demure on a lacy bra, unexpected in a kitchen, wild on an eyelid, a refreshing pop of color on a branding overhaul, and IDK, but I feel like we’d all walk a little taller in pink suede booties.

Pink is having a great moment right now. Don’t ruin this for me, Pantone.

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Here are some of my favorite pink things for your home, closet, and face.

Outdoor Oases to Inspire Your Summer

I’m a homebody through and through, so there’s something especially romantic to me about bringing the indoors outside (and vice versa, for that matter) and letting your domestic sphere spill past whatever physical boundaries might enclose it. Stake my own little piece of mother earth and sprinkle it with my worldly belongings? Hell yeah, I’m about that. Nothing sounds better than holing up with homemade cocktails in my own private enclave under the sun.

Maybe it’s that I’ve spent the last seven years without a backyard of my own, or maybe it’s simply that these outdoor spaces are rad AF, but I’ve got major envy. Here’s what’s inspiring me now:



Old Brand New.jpeg

The formula for a perfect outdoor space is really simple. You just need somewhere to entertain a few friends, comfy seating, something alive and green, a place to set a cold drink, and fun lighting for the inevitable evenings that last way past sundown.


new darlings.jpg


apartment therapy


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