Six Houseplants I Have Not Killed

I do not have a green thumb. Despite my best intentions, I’ve absentmindedly let more than a few plants wither away. But like lots of folks, I love the color and texture they bring to indoor spaces.

Last month I moved out the bright, beautiful, plant-filled apartment I shared with a friend. It’s been fun to put my touch on a new place, but I lost my trash television buddy and my personal plant caretaker. Major blow.

I’d gotten really used to living in a jungle, so one of the first things I did when I finished unpacking was buy a bunch of new houseplants. I started small with the plants I’d had success with in the past. Luckily, I’ve discovered a number of tough AF plants in the last few years that don’t mind a drought or too little sun or soil that’s never ever been changed.

In short, these are plants that simply won’t die.


Enter the snake plant. I’ve owned mine for three years and against all odds, this thing has actually grown! They’re cheap, easy, and take up vertical space. All good things. (via Glitter Guide)


Trendy and resilient. Cacti can tolerate most conditions and come in alllll the shapes and sizes. (via Amber Interiors)


This is a pothos plant. Mine is not this robust, but in my defense they grow slowly. (via Sarah Sherman Samuel)

zz plant

ZZ plants are seriously invincible. Mine hasn’t stopped growing since I bought it and promptly started neglecting it three years ago. (via Style Me Pretty)


Aloe Vera comes in lots of varieties and hardly needs water. Into that. (via Style Curator)


If you’re really not up to the challenge of keeping a plant alive, a bunch of eucalyptus is pretty and fragrant whether is alive or dried out and dead. (via Front + Main)


BONUS JONAS! My next challenge is going to be keeping a Fiddle Leaf Fig alive. The interweb says they’re pretty easy and I love their big, dramatic leaves. (via The Everygirl)

Featured image via Jaclyn Paige.

Best Magazine Covers of 2017

The first thing I remember designing in InDesign was a magazine cover mock-up. I was a sophomore in high school so naturally my subjects were the Jonas Brothers. I dubbed the glossy, Hollywood & Vine, which is probably an intersection, but I only knew of it because of a Hilary Duff lyric.

The project sparked a love of magazines and editorial design. So much so that I pursued a degree in magazines.

ANYWAY, one of my favorite things every year is the ASME Best Cover Contest. They round up the best of the best and put them to a vote for the coveted title. I’ve rifled through them and pulled out my favorites to share here.


Peep the rest of the contenders and vote for your favorites on the ASME Facebook page.

Wentworth Vintage

Alternatively titled, “My Friends Have Cooler Hobbies Than I Do.”

Enter my pal, Tyler Wentworth. He’s a professional social media whiz, master Spotify playlist curator, and as of late, a vintage collector. Over the last several months, he’s spent his evenings and weekends scouring the Des Moines metro for pieces to add to his envy-inducing stockpile of bohemian and mid-century home goods.

The pursuit quickly turned into a full-blown side hustle and I’m telling you all about it because (PSA!) December 8-10, you can shop it all at the Preservation x Wentworth Vintage pop-up.

Scroll through for a sneak peek and for Tyler’s take on his new endeavor.


On how it began:

I’ve always been a thrifter. Ever since I graduated college I’ve thrifted my clothes, and I’d always look through the housewares and furniture. But three or four months ago I started picking up chairs or tables that looked very in style, mid-century and boho style furniture. And I started selling it on Facebook and Craigslist and making extra cash, just by essentially flipping some cool furniture I came across.


Then it started to get addicting. I’d hit up a dozen thrift stores in a week and started collecting everything from furniture, to pottery, glassware, art. Now I’m even grabbing things like bags and purses, just because there’s a huge market for it.




On his favorite finds:

I’ve found a lot of vintage art I really love and I’ve kept in my own apartment as well as some tapestries and rugs. You can’t really go wrong with a vintage rug with great style.


On scoring big:

I found this set of five mid-century, black, folding chairs that were really cool for five dollars a piece. Then I went online and learned more about the brand and found out they’re really well known so I ended up selling them for over $200 as a set.

IMG_2878 copyIMG_2891IMG_2890

On his favorite trend:

My favorite trend is the resurgence of mid-century modern. A lot of tapered legs and solid wood furniture that is very european feeling. The mid-century accents to me are really appealing and things I would put in my own home.


On his best advice:

Start small. Do research on Instagram and Esty to see what’s selling and what people are interested in. There are a lot of things people pick up because they think they look cool, but 5000 other thrifters are picking up the same items, so try to find things that you think are unique that aren’t necessarily being sold in mass already.


Follow Tyler on Instagram @tyler_wentworth for more of his finds.

White Fireplaces My Winter Needs

Yesterday morning I left for work with frost on my windshield. FROST. Winter is here, y’all, and it’s brought its friends chunky socks, dry skin, and nights-inside-under-blankets.

After 25 years on this planet—and in the frigid Midwest no less—I’ve pretty much mastered winter survival. But if there’s one thing my game is lacking, it’s a fireplace. And oh how I wish I had one. Right now, I’m hardcore envying the beautiful white fireplaces that fill my Instagram feed and Pinterest pages. They blend the clean, modern look I love with the traditional sensibilities of an old home and the result is magic.

And there are endless ways to style them. A big mantel serves as a built in gallery for displaying art pieces and photos and the hearth begs for boho floor pillows, a pretty, over-sized basket, or a vintage fireplace screen. 

So, should I buy house just for the fireplace?

Circle Y or N. Thanks.



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Some Recent Work

Between a new part-time job, freelance work, and okay fine some moderate Netflix binging, I’ve been lousy about posting as of late. So I thought I’d take a minute to share some recent design work on this platform. (There’s a bunch more on my portfolio if you’re interested.)

First up, a fun little project at my job. Last month we took off for Omaha to get our four studios together for our annual corporate retreat. The getaway presents an open bar, but also a chance to deviate from the normal design standards for name tags, schedules, and other marketing collateral.

recent work

This year I played off the theme of the old time-y murals in Omaha’s Old Market, since that’s we spent the bulk of our time. I got to exercise some hand lettering skills (lol because they’re hardly skills.) But it was fun to put pencil to paper and brush up on my Adobe Illustrator techniques.


More recently, I got to design bachelorette invites for my BFF, Julianne. She’s getting hitched in Key West, Florida next month, and the long weekend is pulling double duty for an epic girls night out, too. The event called for millennial pink (still not over it) and a tropical motif, duh. I went the postcard route to play into the destination wedding theme and printed these up with Moo. Their matte coating is soft and luxurious and never fails me.

recent work2

Mood Board No. 2

New month, new mood. Well, we’re half way through September already, but cut me a break.

Anyway, fall is, was, and always will be my favorite season. Not just because of my birthday (October 10th, pencil it in), but because of the cool air and warm colors. So naturally when I stepped on my first crunchy leaves yesterday I was elated. I mean, I very nearly wore my favorite oversized sweater today before I checked the weather and realized it was going to be sunny and 90 degrees.

I pumped the breaks wardrobe-wise, but you’d better believe I’m dreaming sweet, sweet dreams of over-the-knee boots, brisk jacket weather, and all the rich lipstick shades I stashed away for the summer.

So today I’m serving up ochre and rust. The two colors are all at once natural and luxe, cozy and daring, and supremely autumn.


Image Sources: neon, leather jacket, yellow furfur collar coat, comparison, landscape, liquor, yellow suede, eyes, blood orange, living room, blinds

Let’s talk about Smeg, baby

“The refrigerator makes the kitchen.”

I don’t know who’s ever said that, but I am now. Let it be known that I’ve never owned a house or had any saying power as to what fridge is in my kitchen. But now that’s my only objective in life because all these beautiful Smeg refrigerators are giving me major appliance envy. I love the way the retro look fits as easily into a modern kitchen, as it does a surf-y bungalow, or a statement making entertainment space. I don’t understand how a refrigerator can pull off so many styles — that’s a talent that has eluded me for years *side eye*.

Sound off! What’s your favorite color? I can’t decide if my cheese would look better stored in that dreamy bright yellow or in the matter black.

pinterestsmeg blog lovinsmeg cup of positivesmeg sf girl by baysmeg sunrisesmeg-au-pays-des-merveillessmeg-west-elmsmeg-yellowsmeg-zilverblauwsmeg etkmg

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Just My Type

Happy Friday! If I’m being dead honest, I have a tendency to squander away my weekends on a Netflix binge. They’re good for the soul (don’t fight me on that), but I’m trying to make better use of those two precious days off. So I’m trying to ward off the temptation to couch-it-up all weekend with a heavy dose of inspiration before happy hour even strikes.

Here’s the first of what I imagine will be many, many design dumps. There’s no rhyme or reason to these typography picks except that they’re all dope and inspiring me lately.

type 1type 2type 3type 4

type 7

type 10type 11

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Outdoor Oases to Inspire Your Summer

I’m a homebody through and through, so there’s something especially romantic to me about bringing the indoors outside (and vice versa, for that matter) and letting your domestic sphere spill past whatever physical boundaries might enclose it. Stake my own little piece of mother earth and sprinkle it with my worldly belongings? Hell yeah, I’m about that. Nothing sounds better than holing up with homemade cocktails in my own private enclave under the sun.

Maybe it’s that I’ve spent the last seven years without a backyard of my own, or maybe it’s simply that these outdoor spaces are rad AF, but I’ve got major envy. Here’s what’s inspiring me now:



Old Brand New.jpeg

The formula for a perfect outdoor space is really simple. You just need somewhere to entertain a few friends, comfy seating, something alive and green, a place to set a cold drink, and fun lighting for the inevitable evenings that last way past sundown.


new darlings.jpg


apartment therapy


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