Six Houseplants I Have Not Killed

I do not have a green thumb. Despite my best intentions, I’ve absentmindedly let more than a few plants wither away. But like lots of folks, I love the color and texture they bring to indoor spaces.

Last month I moved out the bright, beautiful, plant-filled apartment I shared with a friend. It’s been fun to put my touch on a new place, but I lost my trash television buddy and my personal plant caretaker. Major blow.

I’d gotten really used to living in a jungle, so one of the first things I did when I finished unpacking was buy a bunch of new houseplants. I started small with the plants I’d had success with in the past. Luckily, I’ve discovered a number of tough AF plants in the last few years that don’t mind a drought or too little sun or soil that’s never ever been changed.

In short, these are plants that simply won’t die.


Enter the snake plant. I’ve owned mine for three years and against all odds, this thing has actually grown! They’re cheap, easy, and take up vertical space. All good things. (via Glitter Guide)


Trendy and resilient. Cacti can tolerate most conditions and come in alllll the shapes and sizes. (via Amber Interiors)


This is a pothos plant. Mine is not this robust, but in my defense they grow slowly. (via Sarah Sherman Samuel)

zz plant

ZZ plants are seriously invincible. Mine hasn’t stopped growing since I bought it and promptly started neglecting it three years ago. (via Style Me Pretty)


Aloe Vera comes in lots of varieties and hardly needs water. Into that. (via Style Curator)


If you’re really not up to the challenge of keeping a plant alive, a bunch of eucalyptus is pretty and fragrant whether is alive or dried out and dead. (via Front + Main)


BONUS JONAS! My next challenge is going to be keeping a Fiddle Leaf Fig alive. The interweb says they’re pretty easy and I love their big, dramatic leaves. (via The Everygirl)

Featured image via Jaclyn Paige.

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